Yesterday Polish Athletics Association announced the official list of the athletes to compete during 34thEuropean Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade. Among the most shining stars - the young athletes to race in the U23 European Championships in Bydgoszcz.

Our greatest hopes rest in EwaSwoboda, Konrad Bukowiecki and SofieEnnaoui – who will constitute the core of the Polish team and take a chance on writing down their names on the pages of athletics history of the 2017 U23 event.

Swoboda has been constantly improving her best, to run 60m in 7.15 during the national championships recently held in Toruń. As for Bukowiecki, this nearly 20-year-old double world champion U20 in shot put, has already reached 21.15 and ranked third on the European lists! Is this young man, fourth during last year’s world indoor event, going to claim a medal at Kombank Arena? We believe so! Sofie has also been pretty busy recently, improving her life best during an event in Birmingham and claiming gold in 3000m at Toruń Arena, merely a day later. We are soon to see how this young, belligerent athlete will manage in Belgrade.

This is not, of course, the end of Polish hopes for the U23 Championships in July 2017, as there are more talented names that can claim medals, like Mateusz Borkowski (middle distance) or PrzemysławWaściński (4x400m relay), to mention just the few.

34thEuropean Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade March 3-5, 2017. TV broadcast on TWP and Eurosport.  Fingers crossed for all red-and-whites, especially, however, the participants of Bydgoszcz U23 event!

Maciej Jałoszyński (PZLA) for LOC EuropeanAthleticsU23 Bydgoszcz 2017